wollombi sandstone with inscription

    Sandstone has its own identity


    Sandstone is an abundant and naturally occurring material that comes in a wide range of colours, properties and qualities. It is an extremely eco-positive building product.

    Wollombi sandstone is an excellent quality medium to fine grain sandstone with subtle pastel colours and excellent properties. This sandstone was formed during the Permian Period 300-250 Mya, rendering it older than the Sydney sandstones (Triassic Period 250-200 Mya).

    It is considered a 'free stone', being homogenous and easily worked in all directions thus making it ideal for detailed carving also.

    We also process coloured banded sandstone, white sandstone as well as oxidising sandstone also known as yellow block, similar to Pyrmont sandstone and endeavour to meet all our clients’ requirements.

    Wollombi sandstone – consistent tight grain with approximately 70 Mpa compressive strength.

    Banded coloured sandstone – consistency may vary, both in colour or properties.

    wollombi sandstone tight grain sandstone
    wollombi sandstone banded sandstone

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